What is the principle of methanol engine?


Methanol engine has crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and basic engine accessories; The methanol engine is a two-stroke engine. During operation, the combustible mixture enters the cylinder through the intake pipe. When the piston descends, the mixture in the compressor cylinder makes it enter the upper part of the cylinder through the rotary passage and the rotary port. When the piston rises again, the mixture is strongly compressed in the upper part of the cylinder, and the temperature rises, causing ignition and combustion; The high-temperature and high-pressure gas expands violently, pushing the piston to work. Convert thermal energy into mechanical energy. The waste gas after combustion is discharged when the exhaust port is opened; At the same time, the fresh mixture enters the cylinder for a second compression and combustion. Repeat the above process again. After the engine runs continuously, the compression ratio and oil volume can be adjusted to obtain different power and speed.