Methanol, green low-carbon "living water"


At present, China has basically established a rich methanol fuel product system and application industry chain. With the gradual maturity of methanol fuel application technology, methanol fuel has been widely used in the fields of transportation fuel, engineering, scale and standardization, and the number and scale of enterprises have entered the rapid development channel. At present, the policy measures, standards and specifications, and technical guarantee system related to the application of methanol fuel are increasingly perfect, especially the leading enterprises of methanol automobile manufacturers have obvious advantages in technology and scale, and the concentration of industry and market is high.

The application of methanol transportation fuel will enter a rapid development stage. In 2018, the pilot work of methanol vehicles carried out in China for six years ended smoothly. On this basis, the number of M100 methanol vehicles in some regions increased rapidly in 2019. By the end of 2019, only Xi'an and Guiyang had put in 18491 M100 methanol taxis, while the total number of M100 methanol taxis in Guizhou, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces had reached 19401. Therefore, the consumption of methanol fuel for M100 and M85 vehicles will reach 507000 tons in 2019. With the gradual implementation of policies and measures related to the promotion and application of methanol vehicles by local governments, the use of methanol fuel for vehicles will show a significant growth trend.